Hello Uptownians,

Did you know that according to an estimate, the Athleisure market, including footwear was $270 billion in 2016?

The word ‘Athleisure’ is derived from athletics and leisure, which means sporty and comfortable clothing, respectively.


For this blog, I am wearing a Coral orange t-shirt by ABOF. The best part about this t-shirt is that it has gone through a burnout process which results in variation of shade and colour. On the lower body, I am wearing a black knitted jogger with ribbed helms also by ABOF.  Athleisure clothing dates back to 1970’s and is one of the most comfortable types of clothing. On my foot is a pair of tropical print canvas shoes from People. Athleisure apparel is so much in trend right now that clothing companies not only focus on the sports orientation of it but also on the fashion orientation to make it more sellable. Bright colours like Carnation, Spanish Orange, and Lemon Green etc are paired up with dark colours such as black, dark blue and dark green to get the best colour combination for this kind of clothing.


Apart from being used as gym wear and sportswear, Athleisure apparel is a great option to wear to college or work if your respective college and company allow that. Startups these days have a casual wear policy, so start up guys you know what to wear to the office from now on. It not only gives you an exuberant look but is also as comfortable it can get and is best for people who have long working hours at the office. It is a really comfortable attire for freestyle dancers who like to groove to the beats.  Athleisure apparel is also a great choice for a dashing airport look as it is the perfect apparel for travelling and is seen on many celebrities.


Some zip front or hooded sweatshirts that also come under Athleisure clothing can be worn in the winters to protect you from the cold without restraining your style quotient and comfort. I, being a fan of this kind of clothing, can even sleep in it, as it is very relaxing. So everyone, what are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself some Athleisure clothing and feel at ease all the time.


Signing off,

Mr. Uptown Authority